Monday, March 31, 2008

Get Over You (Gettin Over Me) ~ Expose

Ahem...well I know it's Monday and all but I'm going to go ahead and post the NSSW for Sunday, storms and other things interfering with my posting a bit. Good news though! It means that you'll get back to back music tomorrow.

This song means a lot to me, but it really touched me when I saw this music video. I might be flooding the Inuyasha a bit but it's a treasure and is the second video to earn my (NSA!). Get Over You by Expose is a song I hope no one has to relate to, just like I had hoped for myself. Unfortunately, I do now. Might all your relationships become a cherished experience and full of happiness.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Cartoon Heroes (DDR mix) - Aqua

Alright, the last of my weekly schedule will come on Friday. Sorry to those who are bored on Wed and Thurs, maybe I'll throw in a 'cut' song from my selection to ease the pain. This is Cartoon Heroes by Aqua, it's a lot faster and shorter then the original, remixed for DDR and that's where it got its' popularity. The video would have gotten my (NSA!) if only it hadn't been so sped up toward the parts where the song slowed down (The end makes it very noticeable). Other then that I loved it. I hope you enjoy it and I've got tons to come later. I'm sure some people are excited about Sunday for my NSSW, at least I hope so. I've got a song that won't disappoint.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maria Mena - Shadow

I made this video btw. :P

You've Just Been RickRoll'D

I actually really like this song. I think its funny how people will randomly embed this in links, and people get so annoyed.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maria Mena - I Miss You, Love.

Falling For The First Time ~ Barenaked Ladies AMV

Alright, second episode! Lucky I made it this far, whew! Seeing as I go around youtube constantly searching through videos I came across an oldie that I used to watch just before I was touched by AP. This song wouldn't be better remixed any other way in my opinion and this AMV gets my official seal of approval! (NSA!) This is Falling For The First Time by the Barenaked Ladies and the series is Inuyasha, enjoy!

I've been thinking of making NSSW twice a week, please comment and let me know if you like what you're seeing, have an requests, or if you like my ideas of the future of my little diddy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Misty's Song

Now starting with a new thing, Nippou (yes Kip, we know it's me.), will have a new schedule lined up starting with a bidaily post of songs. But, weekly, I will give a "Nippou's Sappy Song of the Week" since that seems to be my most frequent find among song searching. I'll try to post songs with good videos attached and songs that everyone can like, if I can't find a proper visual experience then I might just make my own. (That is if window's movie maker doesn't test my patience.)

I hope you enjoy my first post, it will be a menagerie of firsts for me and will portray just as many in this song. This is Misty's Song, part of the pokemon soundtrack from the first season. Not a ton of people have heard it so...I might as well bring a classic back to new listeners. This is the first NSSW as well so in two days it won't be so sappy. Bare with me and if ya don't like it, just wait for the next post.

This video was fan-made so the shots from the show are taken out of context of course. Don't go searchin to see if they actually kiss, they haven't. But if you ask nice I can lend you a clip of when Misty says goodbye, it's a good one.

iPhone Band: Denki Groove

Impressive what the iPhone can do!

Metro Station-Seventeen Forever

Friday, March 21, 2008

If we hold on together - Sheena Eason

Can anyone say Land Before Time? Back when there was only one movie..and it was still good. >>

I looove this song, and Ferngully's pretty awesome too.

Enrique Iglesias - Don't you forget about me

Jon Mclaughlin - So Close

This song made me tear up a bit during the sad scene in Disney's Enchanted.

I know, I'm so lame. I made the video btw. XP

Emery - Don't Bore Us Get To The Chorus

I know the songs a little odd, but I love it so much. :P

Especially the chorus. XD

Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

Or if you're more for acoustic versions...

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

I'm the mother flippin' Rhymenocerous
My beats are fly and the birds are on my back
And I'm horny
I'm horny
If you choose to proceed you will indeed concede
Cos I hit you with my flow
The Wild Rhino Stampede.
I'm not just wild, I'm trained,
I was raised by a rapper and rhino that dated
And subsequently procreated
That's how it goes
Here's the Hiphopopotamus
The hip hop hippo
They call me the Hiphopopotamus
My lyrics are bottomless
They call me the Hiphopopotamus
Flows that glow like phosphorous
Poppin' off the top of this esophagus
Rockin' this metropolis
I'm not a large water-dwelling mammal
Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?
Did Steve tell you that, perchance?
My rhymes and records they don't get played
Because my records and rhymes they don't get made
And if you rap like me you don't get paid
And if you roll like me you don't get laid.
My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment
I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant
Yes, sometimes my lyrics are sexist
But you lovely bitches and hoes should know I'm trying to correct this.
Other rappers dis me
Say my rhymes are sissy.
Why? Why? Why?
Why exactly?
What? Why?
Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?
Why, because I rap about reality?
Like me and my grandma drinking a cup of tea?
There ain't no party like my nanna's tea party.
Hey! Ho!
I'm the motherflippin'
I'm the motherflippin'
I'm the motherflippin'
Who's the motherflippin?
I'm the motherflippin'
I'm the motherflippin'
I'm the motherflippin'
Motherflippin' (less)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perfume-Electro World

Found by Rin!

Vadrum meets William Tell

A classical song gone drums!

Simpsons VaDrum

From the same guy that added the drum line to the Super Mario theme!

Watch his Super Mario version here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Songs that I have stuck in my head

Well I had some songs stuck in my head, so why not get it stuck in your heads. Be glad that the songs are acual songs, I've had many short annoying songs stuck in my head ( the llama song, the mango song, you get my point)

Jerk it out

Take me out

Lots more cool stuff here!! Continue browsing...

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