Friday, March 28, 2008

Cartoon Heroes (DDR mix) - Aqua

Alright, the last of my weekly schedule will come on Friday. Sorry to those who are bored on Wed and Thurs, maybe I'll throw in a 'cut' song from my selection to ease the pain. This is Cartoon Heroes by Aqua, it's a lot faster and shorter then the original, remixed for DDR and that's where it got its' popularity. The video would have gotten my (NSA!) if only it hadn't been so sped up toward the parts where the song slowed down (The end makes it very noticeable). Other then that I loved it. I hope you enjoy it and I've got tons to come later. I'm sure some people are excited about Sunday for my NSSW, at least I hope so. I've got a song that won't disappoint.

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