Sunday, March 23, 2008

Misty's Song

Now starting with a new thing, Nippou (yes Kip, we know it's me.), will have a new schedule lined up starting with a bidaily post of songs. But, weekly, I will give a "Nippou's Sappy Song of the Week" since that seems to be my most frequent find among song searching. I'll try to post songs with good videos attached and songs that everyone can like, if I can't find a proper visual experience then I might just make my own. (That is if window's movie maker doesn't test my patience.)

I hope you enjoy my first post, it will be a menagerie of firsts for me and will portray just as many in this song. This is Misty's Song, part of the pokemon soundtrack from the first season. Not a ton of people have heard it so...I might as well bring a classic back to new listeners. This is the first NSSW as well so in two days it won't be so sappy. Bare with me and if ya don't like it, just wait for the next post.

This video was fan-made so the shots from the show are taken out of context of course. Don't go searchin to see if they actually kiss, they haven't. But if you ask nice I can lend you a clip of when Misty says goodbye, it's a good one.

Lots more cool stuff here!! Continue browsing...

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